Purchase Cover – Motor

What's Covered

You can make one claim per term, meaning this policy ends once a claim has been paid.

We will pay your excess, up to the amount of cover selected, directly to the repairer.

In the event of a total loss we will pay you the amount of excess deducted from your insurers total loss payment to you.

Subject to £10 administration fee you can transfer this excess policy to another vehicle you own.

Cover extends to you driving your vehicle in Europe.

Cover extends to courtesy car given to you & covered on your own comp insurance; whilst your vehicle is in for repair/service.

What's not covered

Any excess deducted due to a claim for windscreen, glass or personal effects.

Vehicles over 12 years old or 120,000 miles at the time you purchase cover are excluded.

Any incident leading to a claim which happens within 30 days of the start of this policy.

Hire cars and any vehicle used for hire & reward, such as taxi, courier or driving school.

Where there is not a valid claim under your Motor Insurance Policy because the repair cost or total loss value is lower than the value of excess on your comprehensive policy.

We're here to help

Please call us if you have any questions, our office is open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm - 01704 320105.

Most frequently asked questions

Q. Do you cover company vehicles?

A. Yes provided they are not used for hire or reward (e.g. Taxi, courier etc), if the vehicle is insured and owned/leased by the business ensure the company name and your name is entered when registering your policy.

Q. What happens when I need to claim?

A. You will need to speak to your comprehensive insurer and arrange for the vehicle to be assessed/repaired and its a good idea to give your insurer permission to discuss your claim with us. We will need a little bit of information from you so please call us on 01704 320105 or complete our online claims form. once we have the required information and documents we aim to pay the repairer directly within one working day.

Q. Would I be better off by increasing my excess to £2,000?

A. Remember, in order to make a claim on your comprehensive insurance, the amount that it costs to repair your vehicle must be greater than the excess amount. If not then you will have to pay for any repairs that are less than your nominated excess amount. For example, your excess is £1,000 and you have an accident, the damage to your vehicle will cost £650 to repair, there will be no claim on your Motor Insurance or your Excess Insurance. Or your vehicle is a total loss and valued at £1,800 but your excess is £2,000, there will be no claim on your Motor Insurance or your Excess Insurance.

Q. My daughter is a named driver on my policy, do I need to take out separate cover for her?

A. Named drivers are covered under your policy but ensure you select the appropriate excess. For example your excess may be £250 but if she is a young driver your daughter may have an additional compulsory excess, say £350, giving a total excess of £600. Therefore we recommend selecting £750 excess cover.

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