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We all know how expensive motor insurance can be and we saw that it is also getting more difficult to find competitive Motor Insurance with a low excess payment if you need to make a claim.

Excess insurance isn’t new, in fact 10 years or so ago, main comprehensive insurers sold it as an add on/upgrade to your comprehensive cover. However, they stopped sales of excess cover. Our guess is that they found it encouraged claims or with the cost of premiums rising people were not interested in the extra cost of having insurance for insurance. However, there are fundamental flaws in the cover provided by comprehensive insurers. Think about it, you have just paid hundreds of pounds to cover your vehicle but you then have to pay hundreds again to get it fixed when you claim. To us that’s not comprehensive cover. In fact, if you have a cheaper car the likelihood is that the only time you would be able to claim is if the vehicle is a total wreck and unfixable because your excess is so much.

Having children ourselves who now young drivers, this really concerned us so we approached our Insurers and designed a Policy that is very straight forward and represents value for money. We launched wepayanyexcess.com in 2014 and are working hard to educate the public about the trap of having a high excess.

1 in 4 young drivers have an accident in the first year of passing their test and according to AXA Insurance 61% of motor claims saw drivers not having the money available to pay the excess. Leaving people with potentially unroadworthy cars or with damage that will deteriorate due to lack of repair.

Being involved in an accident is very stressful, protect your excess with us and remove that headache. We will liaise with the repairer and pay the excess directly to them for you.

Other motor excess insurers provide cover for 12 months. Our policies are over 2-4 years, this allows us to pass savings from the insurer onto you. Think about it, you are unlikely to have a crash every year so why pay for excess cover every year as well?

Hopefully we have explained everything in our FAQ Page but if you have any queries contact us and a member of Staff will be pleased to assist you.

info@wepayanyexcess.com 01704 320105.

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Wepayanyexcess.com is provided by Motor Products Online. An established insurance intermediary and Appointed Representative of Rest Ashored Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No 779527). www.fca.org.uk.

We have provided Insurance solutions to the Motor Trade for a number of years and provide the market leading loyalty and marketing platform, loyaltyregistration.co.uk. Wepayanyexcess.com is our first foray into selling insurance products directly to the public. Our long term plan is to make our full range of products available to purchase online but in the meantime call us to see how much you could save on the cost of GAP Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance, Scratch & Dent Insurance, MOT Insurance and Warranties.

Our philosophy is to provide simple Insurance solutions that offer genuine cover and to provide excellent customer service when you need to make a claim.

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